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The recommended equipment is 20 to 100 grams rods, pike lures equipped with anti-algae and steel tips for spinning; for flyfishing 9 ‘rods # 4-6 lines for trout and grayling and 9’ rods # 9-10 lines for pikes.

TROUT: The native brown trout are uncommon than grayling, but you can catch them in any stream; the location of the lodge, in the middle of an area rich in water, is ideal to fish in very different environments.

GRAYLING: Lapland rivers as the Vindel and the Pitealven are legendary for fishing arctic grayling, also like Pearl Alven and other more rivers, even the biggest ones.

PIKE: Sweden is rightly considered the European capital for pike fishing, both with spinning and fly. With the help of boats or pontoon you can fight against these voracious predators in the silence of countless lakes.










Sweden, one of the cleanest and unspoiled nations in Europe, is characterized by breathtaking landscapes and fascinating towns rich in culture where the atmosphere is magical; an enchanting place away from the urban chaos, beautiful and wild but accessible to all. The swedish Lapland attracts a large number of travellers, not only the enthusiasts ready to go on interesting excursions in the forests, lakes, mountains and streams, but also curious tourists who wish to discover one of the most modern and developed countries in the world, both technologically and socially. Nature is one of its major attractions, charming and unspoilt, it has strong colors, from the white of the ice in winter to the green of the countryside in spring, from the blue of the water along the coasts and the inland lakes to the peaty color of some rivers. Lakes deserve a special mention: they are more than 100,000, scattered everywhere to give additional beauty to landscape. Just here is located Like a River Lappland Lodge, in a strategic area to fish for pike, trout and grayling.

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Lappland Lodge


Lappland Like a River Lodge

The Lappland Lodge is about one hour drive from Lulea airport, connected with several daily flights to Stockholm. Cosy and welcoming, it can comfortably accommodate up to five guests, in double, single and triple rooms. The service is full board with Italian chefs and guide, packed lunch for midday meal, drinks, fishing permits, use of belly boat, pontoon and boats, free wi-fi, all included.
Upon arrival at the airport a staff member of the lodge is available to help you hire a car and transfer to the lodge.
The season focuses on the six weeks from the beginning of July to the middle of August, and are scheduled for 6 nights with 5 fishing days, from Saturday to Friday. Any requirements for arrivals and departures on different days must be agreed at the time of booking. Besides fishing, the whole region offers various types of tourism: hiking, mountain biking, trips to the typical villages.


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