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Sweden, one the cleanest and unspoiled nations in Europe, is characterized by breathaking landscapes and fascinating towns rich in culture where the atmosphere is magical; an enchanting place away from the urban chaos, beautiful and wild but accessible to all. The swedish Lapland attacts a large number of travellers, not only the enthusiasts ready to go on interesting excursions in the forests, lake, mountains and streams, but also curious tourists. Nature is one of its major attractons, charming and unspolit, it has strong colors, from the White of ice winter to the green of the countryside in spring, from the blue of the water along the coasts and inland lakes to the peaty color of some river. Lakes deserve a special mention: they are more than 100,000, scattered everywhere to give additional beauty to landscape. Just here is located Like River Lapland lodge; in a strategic area to fish for pike, trout and grayling, and Atlantic salmon in the famous river Byske.

Lapland Lodge

Lappland Like a River Lodge

Lapland lodge, is about one hour drive from Lulea, is a newly built and can confortably accomodate five people in double, single and triple rooms. The lodge offers full board with packed lunch for midday meal. During the week there are three days when the lodge guide is available toaccompany the customers. Upon arrival at the airport a staff member of the lodge is available to help you hire a car and transfer to the lodge.The season runs from june 1 to 30 August. The recommended period for salmon fishing is from June 15 to July 15, almost the same for other species. Fishing guide: a professional guide is available at the lodge for salmon fishing while for other fish a guide is available three days over the week. Other activities:for no fishing hosts the area offers different oppurtunities, from trekking to sightseeing. A fishing week from Friday to Fryday, 7 nights and six days fishing three with guide. Arrival on other days will be agreed upon booking. Reccomanded Equipment: for spinning, 20 to 100 gr. rods, steel tips and pike filies. For fishing 9 4 -6 rods for grayling and trout 9′ 8 rod for pike and 13,15′ 8 -11 Scandinavian and skagit fo

 QUOTE € 1570,00




Per quotation requests and reservations:
Giulia e Marcella –

For advice and information on fishing techniques:
Emilio e Giorgio


Emergencies and ambulances: 112; Medical service: 100.23 (24h / 24); Service for emergencies: Helsinki (Töölö Hospital): 4718 7351; Telephone information: 118.

It is recommended to stipulate a private health insurance to include, in addition to covering medical expenses, any air ambulance repatriation or transfer to another Country.

To enter Finland, Italian citizens need passport or identity card valid for foreign travel, which must be valid for the entire period of stay in the country.
Note: The ID card whose validity has been renewed with an extension stamp is often not accepted. To avoid being rejected it is highly recommended to get a new identity card. In some cases (identity verification for payment by credit cards in shops, carrying out bank transactions or bank transfers, etc.) you may be asked to show your own passports. Finland is a Member State of the EU applying the Schengen agreement.

There are restrictions on alcoholic beverages, tobacco, tea and coffee.

There is no required compulsory vaccination to visit Finland.

Italian citizens who travel in Finland (EU Member State) temporarily (for study, tourism, business or work) can receive assistance from the local health system if they have the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).

The two official languages ​​are Finnish and Swedish. Over 90% of the population are Finnish, 6% are Swedish speaking and about 1,700 are Sámi, speaking their own language. Most Finns speak English fluently.

The currency is the euro. Most international credit cards (American Express, Visa, Eurocard …) are accepted. ATMs are available at banks. Banking Hours: 9: 30-16: 00; closed on Saturday.

At the restaurant, service is included in the bill. Tipping is generally optional but often expected for concierge services.

In Finland, time zone is +1h as compared to Italy.

When calling Italy from Finland, you must dial the international prefix (00, 990, 994 or 999), the country code (39), the area code (with the initial “0”), and then the desired number. For example, to call 02 2222, you will have to dial the following number: 39 02 990 2222.
When calling Finland from Italy, you must dial the international prefix (00), the country code (358), the area code (with the initial “0”), and then the desired number. For example, to call 09 2222, you will have to dial the following number: 00 358 9 2222.

The best time to visit Finland is the summer, from June to September. However, even in this period of the year, temperatures are rather low, especially at night, with minimum temperatures that rarely exceed + 10 ° C and maximum temperatures around + 20 ° C only from June to August. In addition, it is often rainy, with maximum temperatures around + 15 / + 18 ° C. Winters are very cold. The maximum temperatures rarely rise above 0 ° C and the minimum often stay below -10 ° C, especially during cold snaps.

The climate of Finland is temperate cold, halfway between the continental climate of the vast Russian-Siberian steppes and the oceanic climate of the Atlantic areas of North / West Europe. As regards precipitation, the rainiest seasons are summer and autumn, while winter is very dry, especially in the northern areas of the country. Generally, it does not rain much and precipitation is almost exclusively snow for most of the year, because of the low temperatures. Only during summer, ​​a little milder temperatures can be reached, but for much of the year the climate is very harsh and Polar. The coldest month is January, with an average temperature of -5 ° C in the southern and coastal areas, and -15 ° C in the northern areas and in Lapland. Inland areas have great thermal excursion, both daily and seasonally. In the summer, a peak of + 35 ° C can be reached, while in winter temperatures can fall down to – 35 ° C. Summer nights are very short and in the northern part of the country, the sun stays continuously above the horizon for several weeks: This is the famous “midnight sun.” The winters are dark, long and cold. In northern Finland, the snow falls from November and begins to melt at the end of May. In southern and central Finland, snow falls in December and begins to melt in late March.

Your luggage should always include heavy clothing even in the summer months, especially for the night. It is recommended to bring with you even some light clothing, hoping to find favorable temperature and weather conditions. Interiors are usually well-heated so it is wise to dress in layers. Always wear comfy and cozy winter boots. Do not wear too many pairs of socks. If the blood flow to your feet becomes constricted, your feet will get cold regardless of how many socks you have on. Tightening your boot laces too tight will constrict the blood flow as well. In winter, gloves, hat, scarf and sunglasses help out a lot.

Being one of the best places to spot the Aurorae Borealis, Finland has even received immigration because of them. Below are some tips for becoming a Northern Lights Hunter yourself:
Go north. In northern Lapland, the lights shine about every two clear nights between September and March. In southern Finland they are visible on about 10-20 nights a year.
Look to the stars. If you notice that the night sky is clear and starry, your chances of seeing the northern lights are good.
Stay outside. The lights might unexpectedly appear and just as suddenly vanish any time from just after sunset to just before dawn. Bright auroral displays can even light up the snowy arctic landscape enough to help skiers find the way home.
Wrap up warm. It tends to be very chilly on the clear winter nights when the lights are most easily seen. A great alternative, of course, is to stay in a purpose-built igloo and watch the lights from a comfortable, warm bed instead.
Darkness is your friend. Get away from bright lights and buildings. Hilltops and lakeshores make good vantage points.
Cheers! Though they might look almost within reach, auroras form at altitudes of over 100 km. Auroras are caused by electronically charged particles originating from the sun. Multi-coloured displays form when different atmospheric gases are agitated by this solar wind.

From the 1st of October 2004, pet animals (dogs, cats) must be accompanied by their pet passport for the intra-EU movement and for the movement between neighboring countries where the rabies vaccination must be registered and in force. Pets are required to be marked by means of the electronic identification system (microchip) or to bear an identification tattoo. Pets must have been vaccinated against rabies three months before arrival and a treatment against echinococcosis is required, unless they are not directly imported from the UK, Ireland, Sweden or Norway. A veterinary certificate written in Finnish, Swedish or English must also accompany pets.

Finland has a good road network. The main highways are all paved, and the motorway network in the southern part of the country is in constant extension. Unpaved roads are also present. Their surface is made of gravel, clay and other materials that absorb the dust making it easy to drive (Watch out! The pavement is slippery with rain). Even during the winter, the main roads are open to traffic. Pay attention to “kelirikko” signal that alerts you when road conditions are not good. The speed limits are 60, 80, 100 and 120 Km / h, depending on the type of road. In urban areas the limit is 50 km / h. It is mandatory to keep the low beam switched on. The minimum legal age to rent a car varies between the ages of 19 to 25, with one year of driving experience.

The Finnish standard is 230 Volt AC supply (50 Hz). Electrical outlets are type C and F, same as in Italy.

Embassy of Finland
Via Lisbona, 3, 00198 Rome
Tel .: 06852231 | Fax: 06 854 0362

Finland National Tourism Board
Via Arco, 4 20123 Milano
Tel .: 02866688

Italian Embassy / Consulate General of Italy
Itainen Puistotie, 4A, BP 762, 00140 Helsinki
Tel .: (00358) 9681280 | Fax: (00358) 9175976.

Helsinki City Tourist Convention Bureau
Pohjoisesplanadi 19 P. O. Box 1, FIN-00099 Helsinki
Tel .: (00 358) 9169 3757 | Fax: (00 358) 9169 3839

Italian Cultural Institute
Vuorimiehenkatu 11B – 00140 Helsinki
Tel .: (00 358) 9 330 6811 | Fax: (00 358) 9 6811 3333

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